this post is sponsored by Amazon Prime.  all opinions are my own.

if you know me at all, you know that i looooooove me some online shopping.  I pretty much have Amazon boxes here daily (don’t worry, we leave water and snacks out for our amazing delivery people!), so I am so excited to partner with Amazon Prime for this post.  whenever Parker sees something he likes / wants, he said “you get that on Amazon for me?” – start em young LOL

suffice it to say, we have a lot of boxes.  so this year, we’re putting them to good use and creating our very own Boxtume!  parker recently became into astronauts and spaceships, so when he saw an astronaut costume, that was it! (and good thing because for a little while, he wanted to be Spiderman AGAIN and said Josie should be mini Batman LOL).

I thought this was the perfect opportunity to create a spaceship for him!  and since he has two moms, it’s not just going to be a boring old spaceship but a Pride Rocket!  the front has the regular old flames (yellow, orange + red) but turn around and it’s a party in the back!

see the Step by Step guide below or you can get creative and make your own Boxtume!  I’m sure we all have a lot of extra boxes hanging around from our Prime quarantine binges and I would LOVE to see what you make, so make sure you tag me on IG @genajaffe as well as @amazon and use the hashtags #boxtumes and #morethanabox.

Materials (use whatever colors you’d like):


  1. Measure where you want the arm holes. I used my duct tape to trace a circle on the Prime box and used a box cutter to cut it out.
  2. Once the arm holes were cut, I put the box on to figure out where the face cut out should be. I used a salad spinner to trace a circle to cut the head (I just needed something a little bigger than the arm holes!)  Use anything you have around the house to trace. Then cut the hole!
  3. Time to color the box!!  I decided to use large white duct tape to color the ship vs. paint or spray paint (I figured the smell would be better and it wouldn’t be as messy!).  I started by putting vertical lines of white duct tape all around the body.  
  4. Next step was putting on the tip of the rocket.  I took another Prime box that was the same size as the first and I used a box cutter to cut all four sides apart so that I had four pieces. I put the two biggest sides into the first box and folded the two pieces to create a point.  Once that was set, I taped those pieces on from the inside and it was ready to add the white duct tape.  For this, I taped it horizontally since it was wide.
  5. Now we had two triangle shaped holes on the point, so we needed to measure and cut pieces from the remaining cardboard. I cut out triangles with my box cutter and while it wasn’t perfect, I was going to be using the blue duct tape anyway to tape the pieces together! 
  6. Once the triangle piece was in, I used the blue duct tape to outline the corners + edges and get it all to stick.  I added a layer of blue duct tape to the bottom to give it some character.
  7. Next, I wanted to have a little outline like a window around the face.  I took the original circle that I cut out from the face and traced it onto a piece of the Prime box and cut that out.  I then drew another circle about 2” from that hole and cut that out so I now had the window!  I wrapped that piece in silver duct tape and taped it onto the box.
  8. I added Pride USA stickers on all four sides.
  9. Finally, the fun part — time for the flames.  To give it some depth, I cut the streamers into 3 different sizes.  I made the front of the rocket the normal flame colors of yellow, orange and red (business in the front).  To bring on the Pride Party in the back, I busted out all the colors of the rainbow!  I used duct tape to tape them all inside starting with the shortest “flame” and voila – Houston, we have a Pride Rocket!


I can’t wait to see what Boxtumes y’all come up with!


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