Shopping is one of my favorite activities ever. And it always has been (pretty sure our delivery people think we’re crazy with all the packages we get on the daily … I should have invested in Amazon years ago). Having a baby has just made it worse (my wife would say – I would say stronger haha). I LOVE dressing Parker up in adorable little outfits. When he was first born, I started posting OOTD (outfit of the day) on IG. It was so fun putting him in different cute little combos + colors. He wears it all so well! I still try to take a picture of him daily to capture his cute outfits but now that he’s so much more mobile, it’s not as easy!
Now that he’s older, I’m obsessed with playing around – hats, beanies, shoes (though he kicks them off immediately), and now that it’s fall, I got adorable sweaters, newsboy caps + all the colored khakis. I’m also about being practical + comfortable (at least 95% of what I buy because come on, a kid neeeeeeds a bow tie + suspenders), so I make sure the material is soft, flexible + cozy for him to play in.

(like I said, sometimes you just need an adorable outfit for a photoshoot)
I’m about shopping smart – I signed up for ebates, which I thought was a scam for the longest time, but it turns out I’ve been missing out on free money. They seriously give you money back for shopping … and at so many of my favorite stores!! Sign up HERE for a free $10 on your first qualifying purchase.
I also never shop without a coupon. Gap has 40% off almost daily, Carter’s always has 20% – 25% coupons (and make sure you sign up for their rewards), Kohls is constantly coming out with 30% off coupons, Target is just amazing + affordable to begin with + I have the Target card so I get 5% off every purchase + when I was down at the beach, we hit up the outlets.
And at the end of the day, it’s really true what they say … you buy so many things and they really only wear it once (or never) … so the occasional mid-day outfit change is sometimes necessary for a photo op (such as this outfit below) 😉

* I am an affiliate for ebates, so if you sign up with my link, I may receive a referral fee.