we live in a world today where instant gratification is the norm. we have same day shipping with amazon, grocery stores now deliver within 2 hours, we can communicate with people all around the world at the touch of a button.

so now we expect that in every area of our lives. do you know how frequently and quickly people give up on their health + fitness goals bc they don’t see rapid changes overnight?

I’m guilty of it too – I’ll workout for a week and be like – where’s my six pack??? 

but our health + wellness is a lifelong journey. we only get one life in this body – we should take epic care of it for look at all it does for us?  I’m in this for the long haul as it makes me feel so amazing – especially in my mind where things aren’t always so happy.

how many of you are waiting until new years to get back into a routine (slowly and guiltily raising your hand? lol). why not now?  why do we always wait until the new year to start to make the changes we’ve been wanting to make all year?  or if it isn’t the new year, we wait until something negative happens (typically, bad news from a doctor) for that sense of urgency. 

this journey isn’t about deprivation (I’m eating teddy grahams as I type this) or misery (I’m obsessed with my workouts) – there are sooooo many options to find a program you love + look forward to.  and one of my programs is 10 minutes a day … we all have 10 min a day!  and this journey can be FUN.

I know that change is scary. saying YES can often be the hardest part. but you’re not alone. I’ve got a whole group of women ready to embrace where you are and cheer you on to wherever it is you want to go.

all I ask is you commit. for the long haul. you may not see a huge change in one month but imagine the change you’ll see in one year. and more importantly, how amazing you’ll feel. and that piece actually shows up pretty darn quick!

so let’s do this. email me if you want to get started (genajaffe@gmail.com)!  you got this + I got you! ???