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if you’re anything like me, you’ve done a whoooooole lot of online shopping this year.  and as many of you had to convert your home to your full-time office, you may have needed to shop some new appliances.  perhaps you’re still in the market for them and you happened to miss out on some really killer Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.  fret no more! enter: eBay’s Green Monday.

Green Monday (this year on December 14 starting at 8am EST), a term that was created by eBay and now has been adopted in the retail industry, is one of eBay’s biggest shopping days of the year; especially for those last minute holiday shoppers (they offer fast shipping and 70% of items ship for free).  and for this one day only, there are HUGE savings on tons of items, including certified refurbished items on big name brands (hint: if you’ve been eyeing that espresso machine for your new home office or a Roomba to clean up after your messy kiddos, this is the day to shop!!).  often overlooked, certified refurbished products can offer HUGE discounts – while they’re not new, they are refurbished, tested and certified by the seller to work the same as the original.  our very first Vitamix was actually refurbished and we saved hundreds of dollars because of it and it worked amazingly for years.

and bigger bonus – they’ve shared with y’all a coupon to save 15% on select refurbished items with code PURCHASECR15 (no minimum, max $100 savings).



so, what am I highlighting?  naturally, I’ll be starting with the best part of waking up …

*note: all images are shoppable!





as i stumble down the stairs in the morning with Parker (after being up to nurse Josie an hour or two earlier), I immediately head over to my coffee maker (check out this awesome cold brew coffee maker — yes, even in the winter, I drink cold brew).  Parker told me when he’s bigger that he’ll make my coffee for me (totally my love language lol).  then, Parker + I head over to the milk frother and get ready for the foam!!  along with my vacuum (discussed below), this frother may be the best purchase of 2020 ( I totally missed out on having it during the quarantine dalgona coffee phase as I only had this little handheld one … I may need to bring that back when it gets warmer).  my exact model isn’t available here, but this Wolfgang Puck option is almost the same (probably way nicer actually) and makes both hot + cold foam!  I promise, your morning coffee will never be the same.  I let Parker have some of the foam with a spoon and we cheers our mugs – one of my favorite little morning rituals.

for those of you looking to next-level your coffee bar, you need the Kitchen Aid Nespresso. Normally, this machine is around $400 and you can grab this puppy for less than $200 – and you know you’ve saved way more than that on Starbucks working from home the past 9 months!  a perfect gift for the espresso lover in your home (ahem: wrap it for yourself under the tree). 



as noted, this is one of the top two purchases of 2020. personally, I’m a huge fan of vacuuming.  it really hits on the need for instant gratification.  and now that I have a baby eating solid foods (read: 80% of the food going on the floor) and a toddler trekking in dirt and dropping crumbs all over, I’m constantly vacuuming. for years, we’ve only had a big heavy vacuum and a handheld dust buster.  being on my hands and knees on our hardwood floor to clean up all day, every day, isn’t ideal.  and having to plug in and maneuver a cord while my toddler is trying to play jump rope – even less ideal.  so I decided that I neeeeeded a cordless vacuum.  one that was lightweight and could function as both a standup vacuum and a handheld.  and I found the one picture — linked here is a similar style!  

I can’t speak to how it works on carpet as I use this exclusively for our hardwood, playmat and small area rugs, but it has seriously been a game changer.

I know soooo many people are obsessed with their Roomba and guess what?  it’s on the big time sale list!!!!  normally, $500, you can grab a certified refurbished iRobot Roomba for only $249.99.  if I didn’t think my dog would freak out barking non-stop and / or my toddler wouldn’t try to ride on it, I would so be getting one (file under: why we can’t have nice things).

a few other products to note:

if you’ve been following me for a while, you know that superfood shakes are our jam.  since our son, Parker, refuses to eat any fruit at all (yes, this kid asks for broccoli but thinks bananas are disgusting), we have to hide it and smoothies are always a winner.  as a result, we need a solid blender.

while my model isn’t available for the deal, I found this Kitchenaid 5 speed blender that is incredibly priced and even has a crushed ice setting, so it sounds like it would be great for frozen fruit in smoothies!

look at little parker!







another kitchen staple is this Kitchenaid handheld mixer (I’ve had this exact one for years! or if you’re more a light pink fan, which I totally would get now, that one is available here — they have a ton of color options though if you aren’t feeling the pink vibes).  parker and i love to bake together and this is something he can actually hold and use – you know how independent toddlers like to be. and for my toddler mamas out there – this doubled as a bubble foam mixer during quarantine when we needed alllllll the indoor toddler activities. so, if your partner asks – it’s totally for the kids.



and last,  but certainly not least, I’m a HUGE fan of wireless headphones as I cannot stand having a cord dangling around.  my problem is that I’m constantly misplacing one of them!  Bose (yup, the epic sound system) has their very own SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones and that is a deal I’m jumping on.  normally, they are $199.95 and for Green Monday, they’re only $99.95!!  another perk is they have color options!

this is just a glimpse into some of the amazing certified refurbished products we use that eBay has to offer (and on mega sale).  let me know what you decide to purchase!  happy shopping!

*do you think we can write these things off as a business expense now that you’re working from home … asking for a friend?* 😉


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