I have to come out of the closet every single day.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for 4.5 years and I’ve always been open about who I was / am. But my legal business is mine. I run it and that’s that. Yes, Jordana is my wife, biggest cheerleader, baby mama, but it wasn’t a part of the business itself. This new fitness coaching venture is a different story.
Jordana and I are running this business together. I’m super femme and looking at me, you would never know that I’m gay. In starting my new business and talking to a ton of strangers every day, I literally have to out myself all. the. time. When I’m chatting with people, I deliberately say “my wife” just in case the person is anti-gay. I’m not at all ashamed of who I am – I’m just super aware of it in convos because I never know how someone will react. And I don’t want any haters in my sphere!
It’s a totally new space for me to be in and fortunately, there haven’t been any issues.
Exploring, experiencing and navigating this new internal journey as well ??
Love is love, y’all!