Influence Masterclass Beta

Have you ever wondered how you can get the products you love for free?  Or – better yet – get PAID to use them and share them with others?

Guess what, friend?  You already are an influencer.


Own your worth. Inspire others. Transform your life. 

Module 1: Worthiness + Wealth.

  • Your worthiness is in direct relationship to your wealth
  • Don’t discount your worth
  • The power of no

Module 2: Clarity + Connection

  • Let’s get clear on your message, your personal brand + your desires
  • This isn’t a plug and play formula.  This is YOU and you are unique.
  • Connection is so important – connecting with the people you serve + support.  If it’s on social media – engaging with your community.  If you’re in corporate – connecting  with your boss, your secretary, your co-workers  Every single person who comes into our life is important and plays a role.  They can be a blessing or a lesson – it’s up to you to figure that out.
  • Instagram tips: bio, hashtags, posting
    • Instagram bio
    • Hashtags
    • Posting (ideas and how often – remember, F a formula, there is no one size fits all)

Module 3: Influencer Initiation

  • For my influencers out there – how I got started and how I have had to shift my messaging and social presence
    • Hint: I am still 100% authentically me as that is my brand
  • How to reach out to brands (bonus pitch outlines included) and receive free products, affiliate codes and / or GET PAID.
    • Remember — they’re making money by YOU sharing their work
  • What brands are looking at + for
  • Instagram Insights:
    • Why you should have a public creator account
    • How to get brands to notice you
  • Media Kits – how to create one and what it should include

Module 4: Handling the Haters

  • People will always have opinions no matter what you do.  And it has nothing to do with you and everything to do with them.  
  • A mindset discussion on how I handle the negative comments and messages I receive.


  • Pitch outline to help you reach out to brands you would love to work for — I’m not into giving scripts because it should always sounds like you
  • Clarity workbook with journal prompts for defining your personal brand, kicking your negative beliefs to the curb, expressing gratitude + more
  • Becoming an affiliate for products so you can make money when you share links with others
  • Understanding the Influencer Contract (and why you should always sign one) – as a lawyer, I am always reading the fine print and can now help you understand what it means
  • List of my fav PD books


FOR THE FIRST ROUND OF STUDENTS ONLY –  a private FB group for 30 days so we can chat and I can answer any questions!!

LIFETIME ACCESS to the trainings and you will receive access to any and all updates and added bonuses or modules.


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GIVING BACK: 5% of all sales will go directly to support a current world relief organization.

My intention is that by the end of this masterclass series, you will:

  • Embody your worth (and start charging it!!) and kick those negative beliefs to the curb
  • Have crystal clarity on your personal brand and how you present to the world
  • Gain self-confidence in exactly who you are and show up fully as YOU to build that “Know. Like. Trust. Factor” in your audience
  • Start or continue to grow your social following based on the principles you learned
  • Grow that business! Whether it’s reaching out to brands as an influencer or having conversations with your ideal client.  It’s time to do the work.
  • Develop a consistent personal development practice – journaling, reading and / or listening to audio books.  Continue to grow!


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Are you going to help me grow my following?
This is not a course on Instagram growth.  This is a course on shifting how you show up, how to get clear on your brand and messaging and ultimately, that will attract your ideal followers.  This is more powerful than any formula (hitn, there isn’t one) or super practical strategy – this involves a lot of mindset and energetic work.  And guess what?  THAT withstands the test of time.  It withstands any algorithm changes.  Any new social media platform that comes up – it is transferable.  

Can I ask you questions directly?
No.  This is a digital course that you go at your own pace.  If you want private support, you can fill out this form.

Will you guarantee that I land brand deals?
Nope!  No one can.  Why?  The work is on you to show up, share your message and give value.  And if you’re doing this on your own (without an agent), then it’s up to you to pitch brands.  My job is to give you the confidence to get started and the basics of building your brand.

Are there refunds?
Negative.  This is a digital course that provides you with access to the trainings immediately (unless you’re in my early bird special and it’s dripped out!).  

I am deaf / hard of hearing – can I still take this course?
YES!!  I will be transcribing each of the lessons to ensure accessibility.  

I don’t live in the US, so is this applicable to me?
Heck yes, friend.  All are welcome.  It is the world wide web after all, and social media is a global platform!

I don’t look like the typical influencer.  Can I still have a business?
OMG YES.  We need you.  We need all colors, races, ethnicities, gender identities, abilities and beyond.  Trust me, brands have gotten very cognizant of their marketing these days and showing diversity of all kinds.  YOU ARE WANTED AND NEEDED and honestly, highly desired (and worthy of higher pay, in my opinion).

So what are you waiting for?  Take control of your mindset – your influence over YOURSELF, your life and your business.