I’m a down to earth mama addicted to coffee, fitness + writing about the crazy beautiful life of entrepreneurship and motherhood. I’m a proud Penn State grad (as well as a Varsity Gymnast) and Pace Law School alum. I worked in a corporate law firm in NYC right out of law school but my confetti loving, free spirit didn’t really fit in.

I started my own business in January 2014 (with the help of my wife, Jordana Jaffe) and since then have done legal work for entrepreneurs, created an online legal education course for entrepreneurs, started a mama blog + also coached women on biz + life. The main part of my business is now DIY legal templates – it keeps them super affordable for YOU.

In January 2017, I gave birth to our son, Parker (and April 2020 our daughter, Josie), and our lives have never been the same. I have never felt such joy, purpose or fulfillment. It has literally changed my perspective on everything. When you have a child, your priorities really crystalize and you really have to manage your time – so I’ve had to let some things go (no more Netflix binges!) in order to get done the things that really matter. It’s also made me realize that I only want to spend my time on things that bring me energy + joy – true passion projects. And so I’ve changed a lot about my business. I work so much less but am fortunately enough to still make really good money. I’ve stepped away from a lot of private clients and am focusing on passive income as well as building out my blog to share honest stories about my mamahood journey, running a business as well as my favorite products + recipes in the hopes that it helps + inspires other women.

For those of you who don’t know my love story, Jordana and I met on the NYC Subway (the F train to be exact) after we both got on at the Bryant Park station. Fate, God, the Universe – complete divine orchestration – put us on that same train, that same car at that same time – and I felt called to talk to her (view our amaaaaazing wedding video here). To honor our story (as well as our family in naming after certain letters), we named our son Parker Bryant (yes, his initials are PBJ). I carried him but he was Jordana’s egg, so it was an incredible way for us both to share in the process (Josie was also conceived this way).

Now, things haven’t always been so peachy + rosey. I’ve shared openly about my struggles with anxiety + depression and how I almost had to file for bankruptcy after my first year of business. My motto is transparency is the new black, and so I will always be upfront and honest with my stories as well as with my business practices. Lots of personal stories can be found on the blog – including our IVF journey. So you can really get to know me by checking out real mom. real biz. real life.! And make sure you follow me on Instagram to see fun pics of my life as well as lots of our favorite products + recipes!

sending you lots of love + sparkles,