This isn’t going to be a typical lifestyle blog with beautiful pictures of me all made up and in flowy dresses. This is going to be me — a new mom who lives in sweats, needs to have her hair up bc her 6 month old son loves to pull on it (and ummmm the amount of hair you lose postpartum is startling to begin with!!!) and doesn’t always leave the house (yay to running an online business).
I’ve been an entrepreneur for 3.5 years now. I’ve been running a virtual law practice and doing coaching as well. While I was pregnant, I felt like something else was being created. I was growing our child but something else was also growing within me. I didn’t know what that was. It wasn’t until now (July 2017) that I realized I wanted to start a blog — I see it more as an online journal. My passion is my son. Being a mom. I didn’t want to be a coach. So I let it sit. And BOOM. It hit me. A blog. A place where I can sit behind my computer in my sweats, messy bun, sans-makeup and drool covered (and occasionally, spit-up covered) clothes, and pour my heart out in the hopes that I help someone else while simultaneously providing an outlet for me to express my own feelings – hopes, dreams & fears. It’s a win-win!
Writing has always been extremely cathartic for me. Journals have housed feelings and stories that I’ve never shared with people. They allowed me to release. Sometimes I would write and not even think and would express things that my conscious mind wasn’t even aware of! Over the years, I’ve been much more open with people about my struggles – I’ve had mild-depression for as long as I can remember and then went through a confusing time around my sexuality. My wife & I then went through a whole fertility process (post to come) and that had its own ups and downs. Again, I hope this space allows others to feel not so alone in whatever they are going through and maybe even have a laugh or to (with me, not at me 😉 ).
My next few posts are going to be about the past and my journey to where I am today. Thanks for joining me on this wild ride called life!