*this post is sponsored by Nordstrom but opinions are my own

“never leave the house without lipstick” – my mother

my mom’s favorite thing ever is lipstick. after dinner, she will literally pull out her mini mirror and put on some lipstick. she would say to me – you never know who you may run into (like we might walk into a celebrity in our suburban town LOL).  but that’s her thing.  and the woman can pull off a BOLD lip with her dark dark hair and bright blue eyes!

I remember being a kid and her having drawers full of lipsticks and I loved trying them on!  so I’m always aware of making sure I have a little bit of color with me – but my fav thing to always have on, if nothing else, is blush.  as someone who is really pale (thank you Irish genes), adding a touch of color can really make me look more alive.  my mom always used NARS blush and it has become my fav and go to for over a decade!

i love this NARS trio travel set from Nordstrom (shop below). it’s super small (so it can easily go from diaper bag to wristlet) and offers their most popular color – Orgasm. it also allows me to cover my bases with a lip gloss and blush – makes a mother + daughter duo happy 😉

Nordstrom is a one stop shop for all things beauty. let me say that having a newborn during a pandemic definitely wasn’t good for my self-care routine.  suddenly, any “me” time was out the window.  one small thing I did implement was a nice skincare routine.  I felt like I could definitely take a few minutes each night to feel luxurious and bask in the peace + quiet (I also turned 35 this summer, so that was also a motivating factor!).  Jordana + I decided to invest in nice skincare this year.  specifically, Kiehl’s + IT Cosmetics from Nordstrom. we love doing face masks together after the kiddos go to bed. it’s amazing how something so simple can really have a big impact on your mood + your mental health.


shop the NARS set (as well as my hat + fav face creams and cleansers) here: