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Ever have back pain during pregnancy?  You’re not alone.

I had serious back pain with both of my pregnancies.  I’m super petite and carried all in my belly (well, with Josie, it was a bit more spread out … girls!), so I needed a little extra support at different stages.  Back pain is soooooooo common as the hormonal changes your body goes through affect joints and tendons and this increased strain is a common cause for lower back pain during pregnancy.  A majority of women will experience some sort of back pain, and as a result, JOBST® offers a product line to help following a holistic approach; JOBST Maternity assists pregnant women for a lighter feeling – in their legs, belly and back.

I’ve used several support products in both of my pregnancies.  The belly band early on when my jeans stopped fitting and I wanted to still be able to wear them, compression socks when I flew (both with Parker + Josie) and then the support belt in later pregnancy when my belly was really pulling on my back.  I swear by the support belt – it was a lifesaver.  While not the most fashionable when worn over clothes, it worked wonders for my back pain, so I highly recommend it to all of my pregnant friends!

JOBST also has a postnatal tube that I recently discovered that is breathable and really soft. It helps to give you some shape + support postpartum.  Here’s an example of me wearing it:

Our bodies are beautiful before, during + after pregnancy, but I enjoy a little extra support and shaping (ahem: hence why I love high-waisted leggings) to feel more like myself.  It can totally come in handy for when you have to go back to the office and you’re only a few weeks postpartum and you want to wear your pre-pregnancy clothes!!

JOBST is a brand that has been around for 65 years and they are passionate about providing compression therapy solutions that empower you to confidently live the life you want, without compromise.  These products will support you during pregnancy + beyond.

Pregnancy + motherhood is hard … we can all use some extra support.  Especially from brands we can trust.

You can check out their products here on Amazon!