Your business begins and ends with what you’ve created (your brand) and what you’ve protected (legally).

So it’s time to get those laws of (business) attraction down…

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You have ideas! Let me show you how to protect them.

You have clients! (And want more!) Let me show you how to serve them, the “legit” way.

You have a website! (Or will very soon.) Let me explain how you cover your booty online so that no one can steal your content or sue you (it’s an ugly word, but it happens!)

Handling the business basics can be fun, if you do it the sparkly (and smart) way.

“Finding Genavieve was like a breath of fresh air. As a small business owner, it’s a mission to find a lawyer who is 1) affordable and 2) doesn’t scare the bejesus out of you. Having her in your corner is like being an A-list celeb with a bodyguard watching your every move.”

– Melissa Cassera, PR & Publicity Expert,

“Genavieve decodes legal jargon and simplifies it into an understandable pretty little package that’s perfect for everyone – from the business novice to seasoned multi-business owners. The whole process feels so much less daunting knowing that I have Gena’s sparkles in my back pocket!”

– Shelley Cohen,

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* we may use + process your data in accordance with our privacy policy