Our little monkey just turned 8 months. I can’t believe it! They say that time goes so fast + it really does. He’s crawling like a champ, pulling himself up, eating some more solid-type foods (I got into cooking for him!!) + babbling. He’s seriously non-stop moving … it’s a bit overwhelming – it’s like we have a toddler overnight!
What are we up to? Teething. And it just plain sucks. We got the first two teeth on the bottom a few weeks ago only within a day of each other and they weren’t really a big deal. Now the top one is working its way down and boy, oh boy. Our poor little babe seems to be in a lot of pain at night. He’s a lot fussier + he’s waking up all. the. time. It’s like worse than when he was a newborn! I’m nursing him pretty much on demand now since he needs the extra love + comfort but I miss sleep!
And what is up with all the crazy things teething does? Congestion, messy poops, ear aches – on top of the gum pain! Poor little man.
Frozen washcloths, frozen teethers, organic teething wafers + puffs have been our savior. And the outdoors – he loves to feel the breeze + smell the fresh air. We went out back the other day when he was crying and felt each different tree in our yard and he was fascinated + it immediately calmed him down. Thank goodness for the little things!

What have you done with your little(s) to help with teething?