Well that’s just completely out of the question. Lawyers are wayyyy too expensive.

And completely fussy. And just don’t “get” you.

Well that was before you met me:

Get it in writing – DIY Legal Templates.

These DIY Templates are here to make legalese, legal-easy!

You will customize these documents yourself (I’m not your lawyer by purchasing) but the important legal bits are already in there for you!

As soon as you purchase, the documents are sent right to your inbox and come with written instructions within the document so you can just fill it right out and get started with it immediately!

These DIY Templates will mama your biz making you feel safe + cozy!

Business Starter Bundle – $897
Business Pro Bundle – $1247
Client Agreement – $347
Graphic Designer Client Agreement – $347
Terms of Use – $397
Website Bundle – $647
Website Disclaimer – $247
Terms + Conditions – $217
Privacy Policy – $247
Independent Contractor – $247
Affiliate Agreement – $197
Testimonial Release – $147
Confidentiality / Non-Disclosure Agreement – $197
Retreat Agreement – $347
Liability Waiver – $197
Consent to Photo / Video – $147
Speaker Agreement – $197
Sponsor Agreement – $197
Intern Agreement – $147
Employee Offer Letter – $297
Cease + Desist Letter – $197
Extended Payment Plan – $197
Brand Influencer Agreement –$147

Need a template you don’t see here?

Business Starter Bundle – $897

Cover your design booty with this Client Agreement that spells out who actually owns the designs once your job is complete. And obvi all the other important legal things such as cost, refunds, expectations + governing law.

Business Starter Bundle – $897

ohhh heyyyyyy – starting off with a bundle of fun + savings! The Business Starter Bundle comes with 4 legal templates: the four legal musts for starting your business. You’ll receive a Client Agreement and all three website docs — Terms + Conditions, Privacy Policy and a Website Disclaimer (the three docs you need to protect your website!). Save $161 by purchasing these as a bundle!

Business Pro Bundle – $1247

And just because I love to spread legal happiness + protection like confetti, I’m pumped to bring you the Business Pro Bundle. This Bundle comes with 5 templates – the four legal templates from the Starter Bundle — Client Agreement, Website Terms + Conditions, Privacy Policy and Website Disclaimer PLUS Terms of Use for those who are planning on running group / on-line programs as well as 1:1 programs. This Bundle is a crazy awesome deal saving you over $200 than if you purchased these templates individually (and thousands if you had them customized from a law firm!).

Website Bundle – $647

Grab your Terms & Conditions, Privacy Policy (updated per GDPR!) and Website Disclaimer for a discount! See below for full details on each document. Purchase this bundle to save!

Brand Influencer Agreement – $147

Brand Influencers + Content Creators – this one’s for you. as brans are moving more towards influencer marketing, we want to make sure that the content you create is protected legally.  there should always be an agreement even if the product is a free gift.  this document can be for both brands as well as the influencers / content creators to make sure both sides have a mutually beneficial relationship!

*please note note that by purchasing these documents, I am not your lawyer and it is not to be construed as legal advice. It does not establish an attorney-client relationship. While I do have a law degree, I am not acting as an attorney in this context.

Since 2004 I have been a small business owner, and my focus has been on doing a great job and growing my company. As we grew, I started to realize that without having the proper contracts and legal documents in place I was leaving myself unprotected. But I know nothing about the law and felt totally overwhelmed at the idea of figuring it all out. Gena was a HUGE help to me. She listened to my concerns, talked to me about the different options, and drafted documents that were easily understandable. She even saw that I didn’t have the right copy on my website and sent it to me without me asking. I feel so fortunate to have her in my corner and know that I am protected in the event that I need it. Thank you Gena!

Julie Sabatino, The Stylish Bride®

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