TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE with me in only 20 minutes.

It sounds ridiculous.  How can my life change in only 20 minutes a day?  Easy.  You decide.  You decide to give 20 minutes to yourself.  To your health.  To your mindset.

Science has proven that exercise can literally change your brain — increasing your happiness levels (much more scientific terms but I’m a lawyer, not a doctor!), energy levels and overall health.  In the past two months, I’ve cut my anti-depressants in half by committing to my fitness journey.

The most common New Year’s Resolutions are always: get healthier, exercise more, save money.

Guess what?  This program can help you do ALL of those things.  What?  Gena, you’re crazy.

Oh, but I’m not!  Obviously working with me will get you healthier and you’ll be exercising more, but how in the world can it save you money?

Our superfood shake (sourced from over 70 whole superfoods around the world) can be a meal replacement and gives you all the vitamins you need in one day (it’s the equivalent of 6 salads and tastes like a milkshake).  So, you’re saving money on breakfast or lunch there – PLUS, with our meal plans, you’ll be cutting back on all the junk food that you’re purchasing and using that money for clean, whole foods – lots of fruit + veggies!  That doesn’t mean you can’t have a cookie every now and then (or maybe every night like me LOL).  It’s about making smarter, healthier decisions for you and your whole family.

Y’all – in 20 minutes a day, you CAN transform your life.  And I’ll be here to support you every single step of the way.

Speaking of step … we’re throwing it back to the 80’s with a stepper!  But this is no ordinary step program.  Our super trainer and master motivator, Shaun T (creator of Insanity + Transform 25) is going to transform your life, your body + you mind in this major sweat sesh.

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About the program:

:: 20 minutes a day
:: 6 days a week
:: 6 weeks
:: 36 different workouts
:: requires an adjustable stepper (available in your package)
:: meal plan (not about depriving yourself – just eating clean)
:: superfood shake and you can add pre + post workout drinks to help even more with energy + muscle recovery (plus, they’re all delicious!!!!!)
:: VIP access begins January 14 – WITH SHAUN T! He’ll be coming in weekly to post motivational videos and answer questions.

Personal Coaching from ME + Jordana:

:: private FB group with support from us as well as over 100+ other women
:: daily check-in posts
:: weekly personal check-ins
:: messenger support if needed


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Transformation is available to you — all you have to do is say YES.

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